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20 Jul

Referaat IATH 18 juli defi versie

Abstract Review TH definitief


Fabienne Roossien-Albracht,  aios SEH RKZ, heeft een abstract, poster en referaat over therapeutische hypothermie.

In de bijlage voor jullie. Laura



12 Jun

A bit of literature:

J.Soar et al, Resuscitation 81(2010)1400-1433

Resuscitation guidelines for pregnancy largely based on case series, extrapolation, manikin studies and expert opinion.

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16 Apr

Publication from our collegue in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine today.

Conclusion: This study shows that EPs are significantly more present in larger EDs and in EDs where there is more continuing professional education and where there are more clinical audit activities. Our findings suggest that the presence of emergency physicians is positively associated with the quality of emergency care, but prospective research is required to examine causality.

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