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Pain is NOT the 5th vital sign

23 Dec


Today a short post about PAIN. I recently had a discussion on Twitter about PAIN and pain scores and was interested how you feel about the subject. So please answer the poll below.

I was always taught that PAIN is the 5th vital sign, next to heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature….and I was always skeptical about this! Why, you ask? Well, to start with, the others are all objective measures and PAIN is surely not. And if it is a vital sign, it should be 6th behind saturation, which is an important and objective (vital) sign. But the real reason I am skeptical about the pain score is that patients tend to exaggerate to get treated first. Like @CinicalArts wrote on Twitter: “Patients believe that the more they exaggerate pain, the more attention they need. Terrifying sick role implications”. You all have seen the patient with a broken finger, who looks fine and has a pain score 9/10. At the same time the patient next to him with a complicated, open ankle fracture will tell you his pain score is 4/10.


Repositie methode distale radius fractuur – een discussie

22 Dec

Hoi allemaal,

We willen onze methode van polsreposities (die we nog geheel handmatig doen) herzien op onze seh in het Elisabeth Ziekenhuis.

Kunnen jullie me helpen met het volgende:

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