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12 Jul

An abstract from one of our residents, Mark van Zanten.

Acute on chronic hyponatremia polydipsia 11072013




Really small case

10 Jul


Recently we saw an elderly woman with problems speaking. De general practitioner referred her to our ED, because he suspected an ischemic stroke.

On examination she had a mild dysarthria, and the rest of the neurologic examination showed no abnormalities.

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“Clenched Fist Injury”

18 Jun

A few weeks ago we had a patient with an example of a potential pitfall in a clenched fist injury (CFI). The trauma mechanism wasn’t the classic fist vs teeth, the patient was holding a crowbar during demolition work and hit his left, non-dominant hand against a wooden post.

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An unusual hernia in an elderly

19 May


The evaluation of elderly with intra abdominal pathology on the emergency department (ED) is a challenging one, since they tend to have a very vague presentation. It is not unusual that the abdominal complains are fully at the background. The difficult evaluation and the high mortality rate makes this a very high risk group on the ED. For this reason it is very important for ED doctor to know the differential diagnosis and how to differentiate between them.

Case Report

A 83 year old woman with parkinson’s disease was referred at night by her family doctor with dyspnoea and elevated temperature.

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Answer Final GMEP Fun Friday

21 Apr

Hello everybody,

This will be the last GMEP Fun Friday. We had a meeting last week with all webmasters and desided that things are gonna change on EMDutch. Just look at the new layout with the headers. One thing we all decided on was that we will put more real-life cases on the website (like “Blood on the floor and 5 places more”) and GMEP Fun friday will be out! So here is the (last) answer of last week: A patient who only shows cotton wool spots on fundoscopic exam next to  several painless pigmented lesions on his cheeks and forehead probably has……AIDS!!!

That’s it folks! Keep following the new and improved EMDutch site!