Lipid emulsion for LAST

19 Oct

Hi all,

We (registrars ED) wanted to know what evidence and recommendations are available about the use of Intralipid for local anesthetic toxicity, so I did some study and put my findings in a PPP, for whom might be interested.

Cheers, Laura



One Response to “Lipid emulsion for LAST”

  1. reneverbeek October 20, 2015 at 16:39 #

    Nice PPT, Laura.
    An addition to the symptoms of LA-toxicity you’ve mentioned: early symptoms also include tinnitus and a metal taste in the mouth and peri-oral numbness. So if a patient starts complaining of that be aware!

    And for our Critical Care Masterclass we’ve looked at TCA toxicity and the use of Lipid Emulsion. There’s hardly any evidence for the use in TCA toxicity, so it’s recommended not to be used unless the patient is refractory to standard therapy.

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