What to do when you break your arm?

16 May

Case 2: what will happen when a 12-year old decide to fall during a gym class to receive some extra attention from his school mates.





As the ultrasound addict ones again was performing PSA, we were performing the ultrasound by ourselves, with great success as shown in the pictures above, because as with most ultrasound performance, we can show you a steep learning curve.

Case 3: What will happen when a 22 year old decide to prevent obesity by skating when she falls.





Ones again the ‘propofol’ addict (we mean the ‘ultrasound’ addict) was performing PSA, while we were showing our muscles in a serie of repositions on ultrasound before she finally received a plaster with anatomic perfection.

In conclusion: Sint Franciscus Hospital in Rotterdam is as modern as the city itself with their approach to fractures with ultrasound, and we have loved it!

Recommendation Grade: A

Sofie van Tiel (EMC) and Tirza Huting (MCH) supervised by Arthur Rosendaal


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