U/S after patella luxation

18 Oct

An interesting ultrasound case;

Recently, 2 patients have visited our ED after a patella luxation, which was replaced by EMS personnel. Besides physical examination and plain radiography an ultrasound was performed with a lineair probe to determine and confirm a ligament rupture.

Picture 1: a normal patella ligament of a healthy well built emergency physician (myself).

controle patellapees

Picture 2: a 50 year old man with a knee injury during a field hockey match.


Picture 3: a 37 year old man with a knee injury on both sides during exercise after revalidation from his myocardial infarction. He denied use of steroids.


Both patients received surgical repair later on.

I really love my ultrasound machine!!!

Arthur Rosendaal
Emergency Physician
Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam


One Response to “U/S after patella luxation”

  1. Annelieke October 28, 2013 at 22:43 #

    I can’t remember having seen any well built emergency physicians recently. But that image of a patellar rupture looks a lot like one I made! In which case, if I recall well, my supervisor didn’t quite believe my findings, … until confirmed by the surgeon.

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