Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block

10 Oct

Here are 4 Critical Approved Topics about Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block (FICB), sent to us by Leonieke Groot, an Emergency Medicine resident working in OLVG in Amsterdam.

1. FICB by (junior) Emergency Physicians effective for femoral fractures?  –> Yes
2. FICB vs opiates, which is better? –> FICB give more pain relieve and has less side-effects.
3. FICB with landmarks vs ultrasound? –> Ultrasound guidance improves the success rate of FICB.
4. FICB also successful in children? –> Yes, it gives better analgesia before and after the procedure then systemic anagesia.
CAT FICB-kinderen (in Dutch)
CAT FICB kinderen (in Dutch)
FICB seems a very good method for pain reduction in femur fractures! Leonieke, thanks for sharing this information with all your colleagues. This is why we started EMDutch and we hope more people will follow and share their information.  (That’s what FOAMed is all about!)

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