Emergency Ultrasound : Case of the month

8 Sep

Here it is ….the first ultrasound case of the month on EMdutch !!  It’s about time !!

This case is brought to you by Nasim Azizi, emergency physician and hardcore ultrasound fanatic. Enjoy !

50 yr male brought to my ED in the UMCG Groningen by ambulance. He woke up with a crushing chest pain radiating to left arm en neck.
Cardiovascular risk factors ; hypercholesterolaemia, obesitas , smoking. No other past medical history.

According to protocol the ambulance personnel already had given him ASA

Vitals coming in to the ED  : 85/50 mmHg  , 78/min ,  97 % on room air

He is sweating ,clammy and anxious.

His EKG shows SR 78/min no signs of ischaemia

1) What is your most likely diagnosis ?

2) What would you do next ?

– Send him for PCI

– Wait for the troponine ….


While the patient gets some fluids  I did an emergency cardiac ultrasound .

Whats your diagnosis now ? ( this not the textbook quality images you are used to , but this is the real stuff ;-))

US00006Swatch clip

To see the answer and the outcome of this case of the month , check out EMDutch in 2 weeks …


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