#EMDutch Review – 4

1 Aug

LifeInTheFastLane: …Alarming High Pressures

What to do with the intubated patient when the high pressure alarms go off!


Knowmedge.com: 10 High Yield Nephrology Pearls for Clinical Practice and the ABIM Board Exam (part 1 + 2)

“The Top 10 Things Nephrologists Wish Every Primary Care Physician Knew”




With RSI we try to avoid the hypotension….but what about hypertension? Laryngoscopy potently provokes a neuroendocrine sympathetic response that can send the blood pressure through the roof.

Modern trauma management emphasise permissive hypotension in order to minimise bleeding, but how does our RSI protocols live up to that? It seems that RSIs performed in this study with a protocol based on etomidate for induction agent resulted in significant hypertension.


Presentations & Videos


Great presentation (No Audio) about thrombocytopenia. I was never that interested in the topic, but since I have listened to the EM:RAP episode about TTP I must say the topic has my interest! TTP has a mortality of about 95-100% without treatment, which makes it one of the most dangerous deceases out their. And coincidence or not….last week I have seen my first case of TTP (who came to the ED for thromboysis by the way….lucky she didn’t get it!) and thanks to EM:RAP I was able to recognize it.

Also interested???….take a look at this PPP on slideshare and try to find the EM:RAP episode on TTP from March 2013.!

YOUTUBE: The airway video’s by dr. Levintan!


YOUTUBE: Chest X-Ray (CXR) Analysis in a Nutshell

How to read a Chest X-Ray in 15 minutes…basic, easy, useful!


Dutch delight (in Dutch)

 Deze maand een mooi artikel uit International Journal of Emergency Medicine met als 1e auteur “onze” voorzitter Menno Gaakeer.

Dit artikel laat zien dat een 3-jarige opleiding (te) kort is om genoeg exposure te krijgen van ernstig zieke patiënten en zij zetten er dan ook vraagtekens bij of de opleiding van 3 jaar voldoende is. Ook propaganderen zij een reconstructie van de SEH opleiding van individueel naar regionaal. Dit nieuwe trainingsprogramma zou ook moeten leiden tot striktere criteria voor opleidingsziekenhuizen. Uiteraard moet dit alles leiden tot een verbetering van kwaliteit en uniformiteit in de opleiding!




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