#EMDutch Review – 3

1 Jul

It’s time for the 3rd #EMDutch Review. This month is full of interesting posts, presentations and podcasts! Lets get started!


Emergency Medicine Tutorials: Low and Slow. Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose
Decreased LOC and junctional bradycardia….think Calcium Channels overdose (and B-blokker overdose)! Specific treatment = Calcium, Pressors & HIGH DOSE INSULINE!


ALiEM: Chest Pain: Coronary CT Angiography in the ED
CCT has been shown to decrease length of stay in the ED in low-intermediate risk patients, but CCT also leads to more radiation, heart catheterisations & PCI.  So is it really worth the costs? The debate will continue…


AliEM: Trick of the Trade: Synovial lactate in septic arthritis
The difficulty in diagnosing this disease is that the history, physical, and serum tests are typically unhelpful in ruling in or out the disease. Interpretation of the synovial fluid is also challenging. So do the synovial lactate!! A lactate > 10 is highly suggestive of septic arthritis and will increase your post-test probablity! You can also listen to the EMJCLUB podcast with dr. Carpenter!!!


Simulation Training in EM: Obstetric Nightmares
Have the feeling that you don’t know anything about obstetrics, like I do! Here is quick summary of the obstetric nightmares!



ERCAST: Do cardiac risk factors matter?
Cardiac risk factors have no role in the ED! We are not interested if somebody will have an ACS somewhere in his/her life. We want to know if he or she is at risk right now! A thorough history and physical will win it from the different scores! Great podcast by Rob Orman!


Presentations & Videos

YOUTUBE: Echocardiography
YOUTUBE is a great medium to find intersting videos about (Emergency) Medicine! Only about echocardiography there are lots of videos! Great way to study and than put it in practice. See one (on YOUTUBE), do one, teach one!


IntensiveCareNetwork: SMACC: Carley on Relax, children are just little adults!
Children are just little adults…..and neonates are aliens! Titrate your fluids to response!

Impressive CPR video on an infant! Not something we do a lot, always sad, but so important to be prepared!


Amal Mattu’s EKG Video’s: Checkmark sign
What is a Review without the great Amal Mattu ;-)?! Today the “Checkmark sign”! It might save a life!


Dutch Delight (in Dutch)

FOAMed Nederland
FOAMed Nederland is de verzameling site voor alle Nederlandse FOAMed sites. Een fantastisch initiatef van Michiel Tebbes.


Deze Nederlandse SEH website is opgezet door Robert-Jan Bergman & Lot Schutte. Hun doel is om de Nederlandse collega’s (m.n. AIOS) wegwijs te maken in de wereld van FOAMed! Bekijk ook hun schitterende Prezi presentatie van het NVSHA Congres 2013 in Egmond, met als titel: “Emergency medicine in the Fast Lane”. http://prezi.com/19-teephgztn/


That’s it folks! Some great posts & videos about intoxication, obstetrics, cardiology etc, etc….. Enough to keep you busy the following days!

Until next time!



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