#EMDutch Review – 2

3 Jun


SMART EM: Thombolytics for Acute Stroke
This is a great topic for a debate between believers and non-believers! In this podcast (which is > 90 minutes) they try (and do a great job!) to discuss all the data! Look and listen at the data and make your own opinion!


EMCrit Podcast 33 – Diagnosis of Posterior Stroke
Vertigo??? Remember HiNTS! (“AAEM Fact of the day” of May 5th, 2013: The combination the 3 findings of HiNTS (Head inpulse test, Nystagmus, Test of Skew) appears to be more sensitive than MRI in acute vertigo)


Presentations & Videos

MedEDMasters: de Winter T-waves
De Winter you say??? Yes, he is Dutch! Just like Wellens and Eindhoven…We Dutchies know a lot about ECG’s!

(You probably know Wellens, but what about reverse Wellens’ sign: http://ekgumem.tumblr.com/post/50341728003 )

YouTube: Great video about IO access in the humerus

YouTube: Digital Endotracheal Intubation
Another reason to use gloves during intubation! Very cool and effective way to intubate, for example in trauma where you can’t move the neck!

ERCast.org: Chest tubes 101
Multiple videos about different techniques for placing chest tubes.



EZG: Bradycardia in anemia
The cause of the bradycardia was…methylprednisolone. Did you ever hear of this before?



What does this patient suffer from?
lead pipe
Ulcerative Colitis (On CT you see the lead pipe appearance distally in the colon.)

Dutch Delight (in Dutch)

Maas Casualty: FOAMed voor SEH keuze en oudste co’s
Maas Casualty, “Emergency Medicine in Rotterdam” geeft in deze post duidelijk weer hoe FOAMed ook gebruikt kan worden door co-assistenten. Hoe presenteer je een patiënt? Hoe benader je een acuut zieke patiënt op de SEH? Een ECG, hoe zat dat ook alweer? Allemaal vragen waar co-assistenten mee lopen….en FOAMed kan ze hierbij helpen, met dank aan Maas Casualty!


Until next time and if you see anything interesting for us….let us know via #EMDutch on Twitter!

The Webmasters!


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