#EMDutch Review – 1

9 May


Here is the 1st #EMDutch Review! This is a monthly summary of everything that people have been twittering about using #EMDutch! Because it is the 1st time we do this, the tweets were from ourselves, the webmasters, but from now on we would like you to put interesting tweets on #EMDutch. If you see something that would be interesting for the (Dutch) Emergency Physicians, tweet it using #EMDutch (or e-mail us at: EMDutchBlog@gmail.com). It can be both in English and Dutch.

You already know the  “LITFL Review:, which is a “regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peaks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care.” Well, there are 2 differences between our review and the LITFL review. 1.) Our review will also show older post and podcasts, which are still very interesting for all (Dutch) ED docs to read. 2.) Our review will also post Dutch posts / discussions / articles / protocols etc.

#EMDutch Review – 1

While the 1st tweet using #EMDutch was from Carianne Deelstra from maascasualty.com, the 1st tweet with a post attached was from Femke Geijsel called: Schrodinger’s Fence. Later ones followed shortly!


LITFL: Schrödinger’s Fence…or, where we currently sit on the matter of thrombolysis in Acute Stroke:


PHARM: Intranasal ketamine for paediatric limb injury analgesia


underneathEM: Great overview about O2!


Expensivecare: It’s ethically, morally and legally OK to not do CPR (sometimes.)  Great opinion piece about end-of-life and when to withhold CPR. Great piece for a debate! “We don’t take someone’s appendix out if not indicated, why do we have to do CPR when it isn’t indicated?”


Emergency Medicine Literature  of Note: How I (hardly ever) scan for PE Great opinion piece about (less) scanning  for PE, based on an article from 2009. Please, read the article also! “I rarely pursue the diagnosis – mostly because the epidemiological evidence suggests we’re only harming folks by making additional diagnoses of pulmonary embolism.”



ERCAST: Podcast “IV contrast Facts & Fiction”. A 15 min talk by Rob Orman, with all you need to know about IV Contrast.




EmergencyMedicineIreland: Anatomy for Emergency Medicine. A 10 min talk by Andy Neill about Cervical Spine (Injury). It’s one out of more than 30 presentation about Emergency Anatomy! Feels like being back in Medical School. Go and check them out!     


LITFL: What motivates us? It is NOT all about the money! Listen to this 10 minute talk by Dan Pink

and motivate your colleagues, friends and family!


Clubmona: Using the paediatric RSI checklist. A 13 minute talk about paediatric RSI, using a checklist! Ideal in such a stressful  situation and it only contains 6 components.


SMACC: Airway Disasters in the ICU (implications of NAP4), aimed at RMO/Registrars by Edward McIlroy. A 7 minute talk about NAP4: the Airway Disasters in the ICU…Plan for Failure and use etCO2!


Sonocloud: U/S for anterior shoulder dislocation




Thebluntdissection with a interesting case and questions


The Chart Review: A clear-cut case of ACS (?)


EKGUMEM: Isolated PMI A 15 minute talk by Amal Mattu, about a patient presenting with syncope, which later on progresses to cardiac arrest. Pretty difficult to see on EKG!



EMCrit: Delayed Sequence Intubation. It’s giving PSA to administer O2 for prevention of desaturation during intubation!


And finally a poll! There was a (Dutch) discussion on Twitter about a Time-Out Procedure (TOP) in the ED. Is there room for TOP in the ED? It takes precious time, but may prevent errors? If you already have any experience with it, please let us know!

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed the 1st #EMDutch Review! See you next months and send us interesting post, presentations, podcast etc. via twitter (#EMDutch) or e-mail (EMDutchBlog@gmail.com). Let’s bring EM below sealevel to another level!

Egon, Laura, Linda & Roger


2 Responses to “#EMDutch Review – 1”

  1. cariannedeelstra May 15, 2013 at 00:15 #

    Thanks Guys!
    Great overview and I like the Dutch touch to it.
    Hope you will to continue to inspire us!

  2. Constant June 11, 2013 at 22:46 #

    Nice blogs! Good to see something dutch! Cheers

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