PE…not as deadly as we think

14 Apr

Hello everybody, Finally the presentation about PE…and you know, I love PE when I have a patiënt with a Hamptons Hump or a EKG wit typical PE-changes or a patient that dropped down with a SpO2 of 80%. But I really hate these patient with a mild cought and low fever, dripping nose and oooo yeah some mild pain while breathing. What do you think the internist or pulmonologist wants….a D-dimer! And why??? what do they want to find in this patient with a viral infection….a small subsegmental PE probably! That’s is why I thought it is time to tell everybody that PE is NOT as deadly as we thought….at least most of the time!

Off course I know people die of PE, but I really think that this is a small group and we are not treating our patients properly if we (the doctors) are to scared an start sending D-dimers for every patient with a cold!

Ok…enjoy the 20-minute PPT presentation , which you can use whenever and wherever you want! Let me know if you have any comments!

MASTERCLASS LE – not as deadly as we think



3 Responses to “PE…not as deadly as we think”

  1. Dharmesh Shukla April 22, 2013 at 19:51 #

    Rethinking Pulmonary Embolism: is more testing less?

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