12 Apr

Welcome back to EMDutch and GMEP Friday! At first I have to apologies for 2 things. 1.) Still no post about PE…I know, but I have to work 6 days this week + 1 day with the kids, so the post had to waith. 2.) Their were 2 correct answers in the question from last week, which was:   What does alcoholic ketoacidosis have in common with diabetic ketoacidosis? The correct answers were a Kussmaul respiration, but also a low serum insulin level. This means that 13/14 were correct! Great job!

Now the case + question for this week. First the case. (First take a look and the picture and see if you know what is wrong!)

GMEP 4 pic

Now the question:

addition to the question:

Apart from the Cotton Wool spots is the fundoscopy norma and he has several painless pigmented lesions on his cheeks and forehead!!!

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!



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