5 Apr

It’s friday… you know what that means! It’s time for GMEP FUN FRIDAY, here on EMDutch.

gmep fun friday

And without further ado, here is the case and question.

The case about a patient on steriods with abdominal pain. This case clearly shows that these patiets are very tricky patients!

And here is the question: (to aswers the question log in on or give your answers in our pol below!)


The answer of last week was A: a pneumomediastinum does NOT always need a chest drain!  13/17 were correct!

Hope to see you next week! In the meantime the post “PE not as deadly as we think” is coming. It takes some more time since I am going to post it in a PPT which you all can en may use in your own hospital or for whatever reason you want.



P.s. tell all your collegeaus about! Help build the greatest database out there!


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