30 Mar

Sorry, sorry, sorry….a day late. Reason…a great party! And while I came home on a reasonable hour (around 23.30) I was just to tired (and drunk 🙂 ) to post. I feel like one of those guys from “the Hangover”, but without tatoe or a tiger in the room!

So now on a saturday here is…..GMEP FUN FRIDAY!

gmep fun friday

This time we have a case for you with the corresponding question. If you already have an account on GMEP (which you really should!!!) you can answer the question via the link and log in…but to make it easier you can just use our poll!

This weeks topis: pneumediastinum!

The Case:

The Question:

(Special thanks to Ian Erskine, who posted this on GMEP!)

Next week GMEP FUN FRIDAY #3 and probably before that we will post “PE…not so deadly as we think”.

Good luck everybody and have a great weekend… don’t drink to much ;-).

Gr. Egon Zwets

ANSWERS OF GMEP FUN FRIDAY #1 was answers A: IRITIS –>  score: 10/14


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