GMEP Fun Friday #1

22 Mar

Trom roffles and champagne!!! Welcome to the 1st “GMEP Fun Friday“. GMEP stands for Global Medical Education Project and it is a great initiative from the LITFL team! Bloggers, podcasters and educators can upload media to GMEP, add media to folders, create multiple choice questions from the media and integrate the externally hosted files into their websites. GMEP is free for everybody and with each other we can create an incredible database of Emergency Medicine information!
EMDutch is a big fan of GMEP and that is why we introduce to you GMEP Friday! Every friday we will put a interesting case, presentation or multiple choice question from GMEP on our website! What a great way to start the weekend and off course all the credits go to the people from LITFL! Hope you will enjoy this and  we really want you all to join GMEP and start uploading media to GMEP!

* Case: An interesting EKG…PCI or not?

* Do you know the answer of this Multiple Choice Question?: A small irregular poorly-reactive pupil is suggestive of which condition?

Have a good weekend and keep on reading, learning and posting! Hope to see you soon on GMEP! Let’s create the greatest database ever in medicine!

See you next week and in the meanwhile we keep working on PE and other interesting topics!

Gr. Egon


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