Who are we???

13 Dec

We are the pilot group of the MNSHA (‘modulaire nascholing SEHartsen’, for the non-Dutch: a masterclass in cardiovascular and respiratory medicine for emergency physicians) in the Netherlands.
This unique opportunity was given to us by our wonderfull mixed Dutch-Australian faculty: Pieter van Driel, Sean Scott, Femke Geijsel, Peter Allely, Sander Manders and shout outs to our Australian mentors who couldn’t be here: Mike Cadogan, Chris Nickson, Andy Buck, Kevin Lai, Kate Field, Clare Richmond and Richard Forbes.

With this blog we hope to promote free open access Emergency Medicine Education in the Netherlands and beyond.
Following the example of our mentors we want to build a network of lifelong learning and establish a professional identity for emergency physicians in the Netherlands.

Please comment, collaborate and criticize!



One Response to “Who are we???”

  1. Lucie van der Avoird December 15, 2012 at 09:18 #

    Congratulations. I’m really impressed by the boost given to the Dutch emergency medicine. Not only now but in the last few years through the hard work of the dedicated Dutch SEH-doctors.
    Lucie van der Avoird
    Senior zorginkoper medisch specialistische zorg

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